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You only need a SINGLE login and password to work on or manage performers on BOTH of these sites.

You do not need to login to both sites.

The only real difference for performers and studios between logging in via an AC2C link or a LAGC link is the color of the pages that you will see.



Smaller and non active LAGC studios from our old system HAVE NOT been transferred into this new system but AC2C studio accounts have so:

1. If you have a studio account on AC2C that is now your joint LAGC and AC2C studio and you may log in below.

2. If you do not already have a studio account on AC2C then you will need to make a new account which will be your JOINT LAGC and AC2C Studio.


Make new Studios HERE

this will open a JOINT LAGC/AC2C Studio account


APPROVED Performers login here to appear on both sites

Performer login


APPROVED Studios login here to check stats on both sites

Studio login


Thinking of signing up?

Our site is blocked in Thailand and the Philippines and many other countries so you may not be able to see it "live" if you are in these countries, but that is of course good for your privacy. Nobody wants to be recognised walking down their own street.


So why should you come work on LAGC/AC2C?

You have nothing to lose by trying us. Smart performers always work more than one site as it increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time. We have no problem with performers working other sites at the same time, but we do insist that you concentrate on our members and do not ignore people (unless they are annoying or idiots in which case you can ban them).

There is nothing to download to work on our sites now, so no more annoying Java issues and with only one login and password and one browser window needed to connect to both of our sites, it really is a simple thing.

Furthermore, there is only one low quota on our sites and earnings from both are added together for it, which means that it's easier to get paid, and that is what everybody wants.


What about pay?

We pay 50% of income from private chats (you set the price per minute) and tips, however because we give our members extra bonus credits on every purchase 24/7, this means that a 50% payout rate here is actually equivalent to between 55% and 62.5% of the money spent by the customer.

We also pay out ACTUAL bank exchange rates not made up or rounded down rates that some sites use to steal a few pesos from you and always tell you the rate so you can check it yourself.

In addition to this you can earn extra commission by bringing new members from your contacts, see inside performer account for information how to do this.


So when will I get paid?

We have standard payment dates of

16th of the month for earnings between 1st and 15th of the month

1st of the month for earnings between 16th and last day of previous month.

However, we also offer on demand payments for studios every single day of the year....including weekends, holidays and even Christmas Day! This means that as soon as you have reached the minimum on demand payout amount ($20) you can request payout and the money is paid anything from 5 minutes to a few hours later but always same day. We don't make you wait for your money.


What more should I know?

Our traffic may appear less than other larger sites but we take great care to ensure that what we have is generally of higher quality.

Being smaller than some other sites, it is easier for performers get noticed on our sites. Some sites have so many performers online, and let them login in multiple names at the same time which makes it hard for a customer to make a decision about which girl to take private, and then to find her again if he loses her. Also, because these sites have grown so big its not always easy for customers and studios to get help or advice when needed.

Customer and Performer support is important to us. Our site owner is very accessible and our support is quick to resolve issues.

It's easy to sign up and there is no commitment to work specific times of day or a specific number of hours a week. Work when you want for as long as you want. Also if you presently only work on one site and you are happy there, contact us and we will show you how to try our site at the same time without having to stop the other site.


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